Smart Led Teknoloji

Our company, established in 2008, is a global provider of Lighting Solutions. As one of the most important players in the lighting market, we strive to contribute to the world’s sources to be used in more efficient condition in everyway of Lighting Concepts.. The future can be visible. All clear and visible when a creation gives you more emotion. Because Creation Light ,Creates Emotions.

SmartLed Lighting highly developed internal culture of quality reflects our strong commitment to the highest standards.Our manufacturing plant in Turkey, perform reliable, 100% controlled production. Advanced high-quality products make SmartLed’s one of the leading companies in the worldwide lighting market.

At the begining the our technology was in the business of manufacturing electronics equipments in high quality, but decided to invest in their own production of lighting solutions. And devastated raised and sold highly capable technique business and embarked on what was to become a Turkish industrial adventure.

At the start, SmartLed had small group of employee and a pack of product for sale in Retail business. SmartLed has since evolved to become one of the qualified luminaire manufacturers and well known be-spoke desing-manufacturer in Turkey with brandname DOVELED and very wide range countries, with close to 100 employees. Research, Innovation and growth are in the DNA of SmartLed. The company currently has 7000 square metres of manufacturing area, office and warehouse space in Istanbul, Turkey and has sales divisions in Turkey, Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom. SmartLed now owns a new facility area in a closeby distance of its centre and by transferring all their expriences in manufacturing, moving a start at 2023 for a bigger dream in a bigger area again in Istanbul to ensure contunity of its qualified margin in Luminaire’s manufacturing in high quality.

We are driven by a passion for lighting as we will keep continue to do so, pride in what we deliver and a sense of responsibility towards our customers.

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