• Modern and stylish design
  • 340º homogeneous lighting feature
  • High luminous flux 100 lm / W
  • Horizontal and vertical use
  • Aluminum side covers and 30mm diameter PC body
  • Dali, Triac(Phase), 1-10V dim options and wireless control systems (optional)
  • Possibility of manufacturing in design, diameter and dimensions suitable for the project
  • Steel pendant wire up to 5 meters
  • Ceiling plate in accordance with the design
  • Driver is out of product
Product Details
8W/m80 CRI2700K704 lm88 lm/W10W/m80 CRI2700K860 lm86 lm/W
3000K728 lm91 lm/W3000K890 lm89 lm/W
3500K744 lm93 lm/W3500K910 lm91 lm/W
4000K768 lm96 lm/W4000K940 lm94 lm/W
5000K800 lm100 lm/W5000K980 lm98 lm/W
6500KXXXX lmxx lm/W6500KXXXX lmxx lm/W
90 CRI2700K608 lm76 lm/W90 CRI2700K740 lm74 lm/W
3000K632 lm79 lm/W3000K770 lm77 lm/W
3500K656 lm82 lm/W3500K800 lm80 lm/W
4000K680 lm85 lm/W4000K830 lm83 lm/W
5000K712 lm89 lm/W5000K870 lm87 lm/W
6500KXXXX lmxx lm/W6500KXXXX lmxx lm/W
12W/m80 CRI2700K1008 lm84 lm/W15W/m80 CRI2700K1230 lm82 lm/W
3000K1044 lm87 lm/W3000K1275 lm85 lm/W
3500K1068 lm89 lm/W3500K1305 lm87 lm/W
4000K1104 lm92 lm/W4000K1350 lm90 lm/W
5000K1152 lm96 lm/W5000K1410 lm94 lm/W
6500KXXXX lmxx lm/W6500KXXXX lmxx lm/W
90 CRI2700K864 lm72 lm/W90 CRI2700K1050 lm70 lm/W
3000K900 lm75 lm/W3000K1095 lm73 lm/W
3500K936 lm78 lm/W3500K1140 lm76 lm/W
4000K972 lm81 lm/W4000K1185 lm79 lm/W
5000K1020 lm85 lm/W5000K1245 lm83 lm/W
6500KXXXX lmxx lm/W6500KXXXX lmxx lm/W


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